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Caring For Your Skin – Naturally

Caring For Your Skin – Naturally

If it’s your first time shopping for a skincare cream the range of literally hundreds of products could easily overwhelm you. This is because each cream works differently from the next.

Skincare is important not only to look better on the outside but also to have a healthy, glowing skin that starts from the inside. Skincare consists of different factors, such as good nutrition, sufficient rest, plenty of water intake and exposure to fresh air. Factors such as diet, mental attitude, physical activities, genetics, sun exposure, pollution, climatic conditions and chemicals contribute to the ageing of the skin. Because of this, both men and women should follow a daily skincare regime to avoid different skin problems.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent on developing and testing products to enhance the skin’s condition. If you are one of the thousands of people looking for the best skin products, you may be losing plenty of money trying and testing each new product that claims to give you back your youthful skin.

Knowing the product you need will help you find the best skin care cream for your needs. The factors to consider in looking for skincare creams include the function of the product (whether you want it for toning, removing wrinkles or cellulite, moisturizing, etc), part of the body (whether you want skincare creams to treat your eyes, legs, or whole-body), skin type (dry, oily, sensitive or normal) and the ingredients used (organic, natural, chemical-based). Be aware that the two kinds of factors affect your skin’s health – uncontrollable and controllable. Uncontrollable factors include sun exposure, extreme climate conditions, wind, humidity, pollution and natural skin ageing. A regular skincare regimen can help in controlling the effects of these factors.

Voluntarily or not, we expose our skin to the sun every day. Even though we love and enjoy the warmth, it is probably one of the most damaging elements for our skin. The rain, wind and daily pollutants such as car smoke, chemical and fumes present in the air that we are not even aware exist also play a role in damaging the natural beauty of our skin. On the other hand, controllable factors include sleep, water, exercise, nutrition, toxic substances and psychological or physical stress. By following a regular skincare routine, you will be able to fight the effects of these factors.

What You Should Know About Your Skin

The first skincare tip is that there are various types of skin and finding out which type you have will help you take care of it better. There are four main skin types and they are: dry, normal to combination, oily and sensitive. Each skin type requires precise skincare that if applied incorrectly may irritate it further and not deliver the desired results. For example, if you apply a normal cream on sensitive skin you could develop a rash soon and thus, damage your look instead of improving it.

The second skin care tip is that your skin needs to be taken care of every day without exception and here are some essential steps. Because the sun is our biggest enemy we need to ensure that we wear a sun protective cream of at least SPF 15 at all times. This can block the ultraviolet rays but still allow the goodness of the vitamins to get through. To get more skincare tips, contact a beautician or dermatologist who will be happy to work with you to find the right skincare regimen that will provide you with desired results.

Some skincare creams contain different ingredients to fit particular needs. For instance, other creams may contain more Vitamin A to help in reducing excess oil from the skin. Others manufacture creams with sulfur to reduce the production of sebum, a substance that causes oily skin. If you’re looking for products to treat skin conditions, some skincare creams are formulated to cure certain disorders. For instance, some medicinal creams help in reducing and treating skin fungi, while others have been developed to treat skin irritations, wrinkles, skin discolouration or inflammation. Even skincare creams for insect bites are available to reduce swelling.

Caring for Your Skin

There is a large variety of products available in the market for the care of our skin, but most of them use chemical ingredients that can adversely affect our skin especially if it’s sensitive. Due to this fact, many people have switched to organic skincare products, which are always made with natural ingredients.

Before you buy skin care products, you have to understand that a certain skincare product may be effective for your best friend’s skin, but may not be as effective when you use it. This is because each person has a different skin type and applying the wrong kind of cream, lotion or gel can lead to allergies or other problems.

The Benefits of Organic Skin Care

The skin is the largest organ in our body and directly exposed to a variety of naturally damaging elements such as the rain, sun, wind and extreme temperatures as well as pollution. Besides all the natural factors which we cannot control, the skin also suffers from what we inflict on it voluntarily such as the food we eat, hygiene and care.

Does Organic Skin Care Work?

Because organic skincare is made only with natural ingredients it will usually yield results slower than when you use a cream with chemical ingredients. However, the effects last longer unlike most of the chemical ingredient creams that may reverse the effects once you stop using them. Organic skincare should be used regularly or as indicated on the jar and your skin will reap benefits for a lifetime. This is because organic products work from within to moisturize and bring forward the best of what your skin has to offer.

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