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How to take care of your skin?

How to take care of your skin?

Physical hygiene plays a central part not only in the prevention of fungal infection but also in the successful treatment thereof. Fungi are parasites that will use any chance offered to multiply. A lack of hygiene implies dirt, which will give fungi ideal growth conditions. Excessive physical hygiene, on the other hand, especially when alkaline soaps and excessive amounts of water are used, destroys the skin’s pH value and facilitates fungal intrusion into the skin.

Easy ways to take care of your skin

As concerns skincare, you should pay attention to your skin type. Avoid skin that is too dry, that can easily become brittle and full of cracks. Special care substances such as urea, avocado- and wheat germ oil will keep the skin supple. If you sweat a lot, you should make sure that there is a good air circulation near the skin that won’t allow excessive moisture to build up. Pay attention to loose-fitting clothing pervious to air that will allow your skin to breathe. Excessive sweating caused by wearing too tightly fitting synthetic clothing can facilitate fungal infections. A special danger of infection also exists within the family, when towels and washcloths are shared. As towels, washcloths, as well as other articles of clothing that have come into contact with infected parts nowadays, can only partially be washed at very high temperatures, special anti-microbial washing detergents should be used.

Often an infection e.g. athlete’s foot goes unnoticed and untreated. In consequence, there is a spread of pathogens at swimming-pools, hotel rooms and other public places. As a preventative measure, you should avoid walking barefooted in public facilities given to being wet or moist and take special care when drying-off your feet, especially between the toes, after a bath. Change your shoes and socks daily and pay attention to proper shoe attire with the adequate air filtration that does not pinch. At home, as well, you should avoid walking barefoot, if any member of the family has acquired an athlete’s foot.

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