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What Is Yelp Review Management?

Yelp review management is a strategic approach for businesses to manage their online reputation on Yelp. The process involves monitoring customer reviews, responding to feedback, generating more positive reviews, negative review removal and reporting on the progress of your overall star ratings.  This practice is critical because Yelp reviews significantly influence your customer’s decision-making, affecting your online reputation and ability to acquire new customers.


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Yelp Strategy Review

Managing reviews across multiple locations can be a daunting task, but not anymore. The team at Go Fish Digital uses data-driven strategies to identify the Yelp pages and geographies that need the most attention. Our team assesses each of your business locations, prioritizing those with room for improvement, and work to enhance your reputation where it counts the most.

For example, we’ll identify pages that might be on the cusp of moving from 3 stars to 4 stars. Our data shows that there’s a -70% drop in trust when moving from 4-stars to 3-stars. An improvement in one-star rating here could massively benefit your business. Our goal is to create a targeted strategy for improving your Yelp ratings in the areas of your business that matter most.

Negative Review Removal

Negative reviews can tarnish your brand’s reputation, especially when they violate Yelp’s guidelines. Our team vigilantly audits your Yelp pages for reviews that may violate these guidelines. We identify reviews inconsistent with Yelp’s policies and flag them for removal. This approach helps to weed out negative reviews from your Yelp page and can help drive improvements to your overall Yelp score.


Transparent Reporting & Monitoring

The team at Go Fish Digital provides clear, comprehensive reporting on the improvements made to your Yelp pages. We track key metrics, monitor changes, and showcase the tangible results of our efforts. With our transparent approach, you’re never in the dark about your Yelp review management.

We’ll also monitor your Yelp pages and keep you informed of new activity and reviews. This can allow you to have a nimble approach to responding to reviews, identifying ones that violate guidelines and have better insight to how specific Yelp pages are performing.

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2023

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