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The Importance of Branding

Your brand connects your business to customers. When done thoughtfully and consistently, branding communicates what your business is all about, including your values, which can help gain loyal customers. Go Fish Digital’s branding services help established organizations reimagine their brands and assists up-and-coming businesses in bringing their brand vision to life.

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What We Do

Our team loves to collaborate, whether you need help with the full picture or smaller details of your brand. From simple logo designs to comprehensive brand guides, we can tackle whatever branding services you need. Using both custom approaches and tried and true processes, we know how to develop deliverables that are thoroughly researched and vetted.

How We Do It

We follow a multi-step process when working on branding and design projects. Each step is designed to ensure alignment with your goals and what’s best for the brand. Our experience in other marketing areas, such as PPC and SEO, also gives us an edge to make well-informed decisions about how to mold a brand.


In this initial step, we work closely with you to understand business goals and values and cover any questions.

Market Research

During this step, we evaluate the market to understand the nuances of the client’s industry and audiences.

Competitor Research

Next, we look at what competitors are doing well and how you can differentiate from and even surpass them.


Lastly, we work with clients to create deliverables that align with your vision and perform best for your business.

Branding and Design Services Overview

Go Fish Digital has experience with optimizing brands across many industries and business types and sizes. Learn more about what our branding and design services can do for you below.


We make it easy and attainable to define your brand position. We perform extensive research, create a positioning plan, and advise you on integrating that plan within your organization, or we can direct the process ourselves.

Some examples of goals we can help with include: brand strategy, unique value proposition (UVP), architecture, and reinvention.


We can help you create a compelling, authentic brand story and weave that narrative throughout your communications, marketing, and visual identity.

Here we can develop deliverables such as decision journeys, holistic engagement plans, and messaging architecture.


Our branding experts will take your brand story, messaging, positioning, industry trends, and more into account as we design a holistic visual strategy and logo that helps your business stand out while aligning with your ideal buyers’ preferences.

Then, our team will present you with logo options, variations, and a comprehensive brand style guide. When applicable, our team can also translate this into an operationalized design system.

ADA Compliance

Your visual brand execution should conform to standard web accessibility guidelines with WCAG 2.0 AA being the most widely adopted. We’ll advise on often overlooked components such as color usage and contrast as well as font sizes other best practices to ensure your brand accessibly reaches your full audience.

Design Systems

Your design system will include every relevant user experience, design, and brand element that your team needs. To guide the use of these elements and visual brand consistency, we’ll help create the usage guidelines and frameworks required for your comprehensive design system.

Once complete, we’ll provide any hands-on help you need to implement this new visual strategy.


Our team will work with you to research and define your brand messaging, from shaping the creative strategy to applying that strategy to your marketing and communications materials with direct help where you need it most.

This process includes integrated channel plans and execution, social management, PR development and execution, and campaign measurement.

Graphic Design

While sites rich in text can help you be found within search results, attracting visitors and converting sales is often influenced by an audio-visual impact. Our team can build high-resolution images, engaging motion, and illustrative graphics to help potential visitors better understand and be attracted to your products and services.

Our brand design services include creating infographics, motion graphics, web banners, web graphics, eBooks, email marketing templates, videos, and more.

Define Your Brand

We partner with our clients to create brands that are meaningful and memorable. Let us help define what makes your brand unique.

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